Notice! August (2013) a new attack on me had begun. Storm Front and Face Book is where most of this libelous slander has been posted. If it continues there will be sufficient grounds for a lawsuit. If the owners of Face Book and Storm Front do not delete this slander from their web pages a lawsuit can be brought against them as well as the slanderers. Just to address some of these lies, I am accused of buying and selling rings from some one in Wisconsin and getting $50.00 per ring I sell. It is a lie. I do not buy these rings nor do I get a commission of $50.00. There is an ad for these rings in the Empire Enterprises web page. That's all there is to it. Buyers deal directly with the seller. Money is not sent to me and I send out no rings. I will run this ad for as long as detractors continue to lie about it. The ad is a free ad to promote solid silver quality made rings. It is not there to promote the seller. Any problems any one has is strictly between the seller and the buyer. I do  not middleman. The seller was supposedly "banished" from a Klan group. I had nothing to do with that. The lunatic fringe can yell "boycott" all they want. People of their ilk are not wanted here. Serious students of history are our main clientele and the ranting of the lunatic fringe will not influence their thinking.

    This web page is not a "Klan" web page and does not answer to any Klan group.  It is an independent web page  for the Indiana Historical Research Foundation (a private foundation). This page deals with the KKK as an historical subject to be studied for the sake of historical truth and not "politically correct" historical propaganda.   All information provided here is documented. No where in this web page will you find links to any Klan, applications to join any Klan, or contact information for any Klan. The lies being spread by this latest attack to discredit the IHRF are absurd and show just how low our detractors will sink. Like all the others, they will be lost in the dust. This web page has passed the test of time and will continue to do so. The truth will prevail.

   A search of the internet has shown us that there are a number of web pages that have massively plagiarized sections of this web page. These web pages are put up by bogus "Klan" groups as well as anti Klan groups. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, but, we want to make it clear that we (the Indiana Historical Research Foundation) do not support, condone, approve of,  or affiliate with these web pages or their sponsors regardless as to whether or not they have posted a link to this web page.

    They have taken photos from this web page and have totally misrepresented them. In other words, they are lying about what is seen in the photos. In other cases these web pages have claimed authorship falsely by plagiarizing entire sections of this web page, word for word, and claimed they wrote it. In other cases they have distorted our information and added completely incorrect information of their own. In one case, the Oxford photo below, has been lifted and put on a web page for a bogus "Klan". The owner of that bogus web page claims that he is in the center of the photo wearing the robe with the black stripes. He is lying. The imposter is not even in the photo. These people show their weakness and complete lack of imagination. Rather than create an original web page, they have to steal someone else's photos and information and palm it off as their own. Reading these web pages you can see at once that these plagiarizers are no scholars and probably didn't finish grade school. Their web pages are riddled with misspelled words, incomplete sentences, and phrases that make no sense. Plus, they give no documentation for the idiotic things they claim as historical fact. Finally, they even stoop so low as to put slanderous libel about me on their web pages. All in an attempt to do what? They can't stop me and in their efforts to discredit me they only discredit themselves by showing their own ignorance and stupidity. They are laughable. If you come across one of these web pages you won't have to be a genius to see in an instant that these people are the losers of the lunatic fringe. Jealous of the professionalism they find here, these outcasts rant and rave in frustration. They count for nothing. Just be aware that we stand in condemnation of them and all others of their ilk. The historical information we put on this web page is documented and well researched. We stand by all of it. We know it is controversial for some and unknown to most. But, that is why this web page is up. To get the historical record straight and to oppose those who distort history by ignoring and/or leaving out major historical facts. Lose your history and you've lost your identity.

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"Those who forget History are doomed to repeat it"  - Ancient Chinese saying

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    On March 20, 2013 the Discovery Channel aired a one hour documentary about the modern Klans of today titled: "Ku Klux Klan - Under the Hood." The Indiana Historical Research Foundation was a major contributor of historical information for that program. Earlier that year the IHRF did an hour broadcast for Canadian Radio station, "The West Coast Truth". It received outstanding reviews. February 1, 1998, the History Channel aired a two-hour documentary called "Ku Klux Klan: A Secret History." The Indiana Historical Research Foundation assisted in the making of that documentary and was prominently mentioned for its part in the credits shown at the end of that program. The I.H.R.F. assisted British TV, World of Wonder Channel 4 make a documentary on the KKK that was aired in 1999. In the year 2000 the I.R.H.F. also assisted in making a similar documentary for the Learning Channel. The I.H.R.F. has done radio programs on the KKK for National Public Radio (Tampa, Florida), KXAM Radio (Scottsdale, Arizona), and Danish National Radio (Denmark). Our photographs and/or writings have appeared in national publications such as the Barnes Review, the Virginia United Methodist Advocate, Media Bypass, and the Post Eagle to name a few. The I.H.R.F. has also assisted a steady stream of educators, students, writers, libraries, theater groups, and universities with their various research projects pertaining to the KKK.

    Note to students: We are not going to write your school reports for you. So, don't e-mail us a lot of questions about the KKK and ask us to answer them for you. However, we will direct you to various books where you will find the answers to your questions, if you request it. Before e-mailing us you should read the Historical Information Section first. You'll find many books listed in some of the various sub sections there.

    Recently a lot of people have contacted us for information concerning relatives they think may have been in the KKK in the past. Our response is, unless your ancestors were high ranking officers or involved in some activity that was well documented there isn't much we can do for you. When Klansmen left the order their records were purged. Also, when the KKK disbanded in 1944, most membership records were discarded. We advise you to contact the county historical society and/or state historical society where they lived during the time period of their supposed membership.

    Also, recently, a lot of people have contacted us wanting to appraise and authenticate various KKK items they have. We do not mind doing this, but we don't work for free. Send us a donation of some kind and we will gladly help you.

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    Since I get so many e-mails asking this question  I'll answer it here: The name "Ku Klux Klan" comes from the Greek word "kuklos" which means wheel, circle, or band and the word "clan", which means family. It has no special, secret, or mystic meanings at all. That's all there is to it.

The Museum of Americanism. Note: The museum and all it sub sections are presently under reconstruction. Many changes and additions will be made. It will take some time to finish.

     The museum and annex sections display exhibits of original KKK museum pieces, memorabilia, historic relics, and modern KKK items (many of which are often sold as historic items). Many of these items are extremely rare. This section serves as a guide for authenticating these unusual historical pieces. Within this section: First attempt at a Klan museum building. Klan banners: 1920's - 30's originals. Modern Klan banners. Klan wall plagues. Klan Kake. Updated 1/29/14

The Museum of Americanism Annex One

Klan Statues and Dolls. Updated 7/9/14

Annex Two

Various kinds of Klan Robes and other cloth items. Updated 7/9/14

Annex Three

Klan China plates, bowls, and cups. Plus   1920's Klan tail light lens for a Model T Ford. Updated 7/9/14

Annex Four

Klan Rings  Updated 8/1/14 ALL NEW! Seven new rings just added.

Annex Five

Klan Lapel and Hat Pins   Updated 7/9/14

Annex Six

Klan Art Work and cartoons. Updated updated 7/9/14

Annex Seven

Klan Gravestones. Updated 7/9/14

Annex Eight

Klan swords and knives.  Updated7/9/14

Annex Nine

Klan phonograph records, 45's, player piano rolls, sheet music, and song books. Updated 7/9/14

Historical Information about the Ku Klux Klan. Click here.

Click on the line above to read the next nine sections listed below.

Little known, but documented facts which disprove many myths about the KKK and give an accurate history of the Klan. The sub sections within:

(1) A Brief History of the Original KKK, 1865 -1869. Updated  7/9/14

(2) Various Activities of the 1915 - 1944, KKK. This section documents and details the beneficial, charitable, good works the KKK did to help tens of thousands of people including Catholics, Negroes, and Japanese. Updated 7/9/14

(3) Negro Members of the KKK (yes, you read it right). Updated 7/9/14

(4) A Wall of Wizards and Other Prominent Men who joined the KKK. Updated 7/7/14

(5) Foreign Branches of the KKK. Some brief information about the Klan groups of Canada, Germany (The Nazis persecuted the Pre-war German Branch of the KKK.), Mexico, Czechoslovakia, Lithuania, Scotland, and New Zealand. Updated   7/6/14

(6) The True Flag of the KKK (not the Cornfedrat flag) and the Klan Salute. Updated 7/6/14

(7) The Truth About the Fiery Cross and why the KKK  is not a church. Updated 7/6/14

(8) The Origins of the Blood Drop Cross (Mioak) and the Degrees of the KKK. Updated 47/9/14

(9) What Kind of a Man Would Hide His Face Behind a Mask? (How about the Lone Ranger and Zorro?) Updated 7/6/14


Were Presidents Harry S. Truman, Calvin Coolidge, and Warren G. Harding ever members of the KKK? Was Masonic Icon Gen. Albert Pike Chief Judicial Officer of the Original KKK? Click here. This section is presently under construction. Its purpose is to debunk the modern day claims that these men were never members of the KKK. Updated  7/9/14

The Victims of the KKK! Click here. This section is intended to get it straight as to just who were the "victims" of the KKK. Updated 419/14

All NEW! From the original Klan catalogue: Shown here are what authentic Klan robes and banners look like. The illustrations are in color and black and white. You'll see in an instant how different today's Klan robes are from the ones used in the revival Klan (1915 - 1944.) Updated 7/1/14

The Forgotten Slaves! Click here. The most forbidden subject in American History today. The true history of slavery in the Americas. The story of White men, women, and children sold or kidnapped into a life of slavery. Updated   7/9/14

The Confederate Flag - A Multi Racial Banner. Click here. Does the Confederate flag represent slavery, racism, and hate? Or did it represent a multi racial army? Examine the ignored facts for yourself. This article will upset liberal extremists and rabid rednecks alike. Updated 7/9/14

One Man's Opinion! Click here. In this section I give my own opinions on a variety of subjects. Don't e-mail me about anything here. If you don't like what you see here make your own web page and give your opinions to the world. Don't send them to me. Updated with some very interesting NEW stuff. 7/1/14

NEW! Click here for a link to an independent business that specializes in the sale of KKK novelties, collectibles, memorabilia, and historical books and literature about the KKK. New list of QUALITY Klan rings, solid sterling silver.

Updated 9/12/14

This web page is updated as each individual section is updated. Refer to the most recent dates.