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Annex Four: Klan Rings

This page updated as of this date: March 25, 2011.

These items are not for sale. They are museum exhibits only.

   Klan rings first appeared during the second Klan era of 1915 - 1944. Because of the Klan's national popularity they were quality made of silver and gold. Only a small number of Klan rings are shown here. They did not all say "KKK" or "Ku Klux Klan" on them. Some had Klan symbols and the Klan degree which identified them as Klan items. An example are rings A and B shown below. They are rare K-Duo rings for the second degree of the Klan; the Knights of the White Kamellia. But, take note, just having "KKK" or a "Kuklos" on the ring doesn't necessarily make it an authentic KKK item. The lady's sorority, Tri-Kappa, had KKK on many of their items. Also, a Kuklos is a worldwide common symbol from ancient times to present. Many organizations not related to the KKK at all used the Kuklos on their items as well. Modern Klan rings tend to be made of baser metals such as pewter, steel, copper and other base alloys.  However, there are some few modern Klan rings made of gold or silver. European Klan rings are modern but rare. Rings "O" to "R" are modern era, 1980's to present. The other rings date from 1915 to 1970's. No doubt we will discover more styles of Klan rings and will add them as we find them. For the most part, these rings show enough detail to help collectors authenticate the rings they may have. Klan rings from the 1970's to the present have a value of $25.00, to $100.00, give or take. Klan rings from 1915 to the 1960's have a value from $100.00 up to $1,000.00, possibly more for the rarest  gold and silver rings.

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     (A) K-Duo                         (B) K-Duo                         (C)                                             (D)

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           (E)                         ( F)                            (G)                  (H) The symbol above makes three "K"'s joined together.

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               ( I )                         (J) AKIA means: A Klansman I Am.    (K) KKK          (L)               (M) A Kuklos.

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               (N)                         (O) MIOAK symbol    (P) Rare European Klan ring.       (Q)                       (R)

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                                           (S)                                                (T)   Klan ring and cuff links.       (U) Very rare Klanwoman's ring.    (V) Same as (U) but without the red border.

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                            (W)                                                                (X)                                                    (Y) Rings U, V, W, X, and Y are all very rare and at least one ounce of solid sterling silver.