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This page updated: April 3, 2011.

These items are not for sale. They are museum exhibits only.

 wpe78451.gif (30838 bytes) (1)  K-Duo, Knights Kamellia,  sword and sheath, circa 1920's-40's. When a Klansman advanced to the second degree (K-Duo) of the Klan he was given a ceremonial sword. The swords were made by the same company that made swords for other fraternal orders, such as the Knights of Columbus, Knights Templar, and Free Masons. Thus, a K-Duo sword and a sword for the Knights of Columbus are identical except for the distinctive Klan markings as opposed to the Knights of Columbus markings that would be on their swords.

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The photos above are of the handle and tip of the sheath of a K-Duo sword. The pummel is a knight's helmet and is identical to the pummels of other fraternal order swords. The hilt has the image of a Klan Night Rider on one side and the three "K's" stamped on the other side.

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There were different styles of Klan swords for the higher degrees. The sword above, circa 1920's-40's, could be a K-Trio (Knight of the Great Forest) sword or a type of sword given to Imperial officers.

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Note the pummel is identical in shape to the K-Duo sword. The sword (above left) is considerably different from the other ones. The sword above (right) has a smooth plain handle making another distinct style of  Klan sword.

  wpe30308.gif (74067 bytes) A page from a 1920's catalogue advertising a Klan knife, as well as a jeweled fiery cross pin and a Klan ring. Price for the knife: one dollar.

 wpe73225.gif (53744 bytes) (9) wpe53267.gif (67351 bytes) (10)

Cover of a Klan knife box. Inside is a double bladed pocket knife. W.R. Case & Sons Collector Series. Below: Two different inside pictures on the bottom of Case Knives covers. Modern items.

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    Above: Inside and out of Case Knife box with contents.

   wpe13361.gif (60354 bytes) wpe28469.gif (63291 bytes) wpe67369.gif (34926 bytes) Three more different style collector Klan knives.

 wpe38613.gif (49382 bytes)  wpe26062.gif (24218 bytes) Small Klan can opener with cutting blade. The official seal of the Klan in on the handle. Circa 1920's - 40's.

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The large knife above is a fake. They first started showing up at gun shows and flea markets in the 1960's. The blade says: "Imperial Order of Ku Klux Klan, Convention 1907 Bristol, Tenn." The convention never took place. There was no KKK in 1907. (The Klan was not revived again until 1915.) Further, the original KKK was not called the "Imperial Order of Ku Klux Klan". Its name was: "The Order of the Ku Klux Klan". The knives were made to look old to fool buyers. There is also a coin that says the same thing as this knife. Likewise, it is also a fake. Let the buyer beware of modern day novelties being palmed off as old original KKK memorabilia. On one side of the handle "KKK" appears. On the other side: "PA. Realm". That's further proof that it is a fake. No KKK existed in Pennsylvania until the early 1920's.

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    The above knife is a Taylor Cutlery novelty item and can still be found at gun shows and flea markets today.

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    The above knife is a modern novelty. They were sold at flea markets and gun shows from the 1960's to 1990's. Below is another style of Klan knife believed to be from the 1920's.

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