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The Myth about the Victims of the KKK.

Fact: The overwhelming majority of victims of the KKK were White!

Note: This is not an attempt to justify any form of violence. I am simply trying to set the historical record straight.

    There is a modern day myth that the KKK went around looking for innocent Negroes to hang. That the KKK exists for the purpose of persecuting people because of their race. This is taught in schools and via the mass media. Further, it is believed in and perpetuated by the modern day bogus, phony, illegal, and red neck "klans" of today. Most of these fake Klans are made up of the most ignorant people I have ever encountered. These morons know next to nothing about the true history, purposes, and activities of the real KKK. Believing in this myth themselves they disgrace the name of the organization they claim to respect. Their ignorance  is no excuse and they only help the biased anti Klan factions convince the public that this myth is true. I have gotten numerous e-mails from people who believe this myth. They rant and rave about the millions of innocent Negroes killed by the KKK. The figure is ridiculous and would have been impossible for the Klan to attain. Yet, somewhere along the line they are getting the impression that there were millions of victims. The fact is that about five thousand people were "Ku Kluxed", as the term goes, by the KKK and most were whipped not executed. Though numerous historical accounts document this, and though it is ignored by the educational system and mass media, the overwhelming majority of victims of the KKK were White! Believe it or not!

    The KKK did not go after people because of their race, contrary to the myths told by the stupid wannabe bogus "klansmen", the biased educational system, and biased mass media of today. The KKK went after corrupt politicians, criminals, and social offenders.

   At this point, if you have not already done so, I urge you to read the first three sub sections of the Historical Information Section of this web page. They will answer many questions you may have and clear up some of the myths you've been told about the Ku Klux Klan.

Some samples of the majority of Klan victims: White people. Time period for the photos below, 1952.

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Below: Well known at the time, but, ignored by modern day historians, White victims were the vast majority of KKK victims. Here they are depicted in period book covers and movie posters. White women who were "Ku Kluxed" tended to be immoral women, prostitutes, or women who neglected their children. After a woman was "corrected" she was often given a jar of ointment to begin healing her wounds (and her ways) right away. In "small town America" of the time, the Klansmen and offender would often know each other and could even be related.

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The above cartoon dates from the 1920's. It clearly shows a White man (probably a bootlegger) being corrected by he Klan.

    These are just a few examples. This is just the start. I intend to add much more in the future as time allows. It's high time everyone was set straight on the myth that the Ku Klux Klan was founded as an organization whose sole purpose was to victimize the Black race. There were victims, but, race was not the deciding factor.

  Question: Did the Leadership of the Ku Klux Klan try to stop the violence?

Answer: Yes, they did.

   In an effort to get things under control, the National Headquarters of the KKK issued and instruction manual in the 1920's called: "Duties of the Exalted Cyclops and Kligrapp. (These are Klavern leaders.) Upon reading this manual, one can see that the national and state leadership was aware of misdeeds done by renegade members. The manual contained orders from the national office to all Klavern leaders, that in an effort to stop such violence, all members were now forbidden to take their robe home. All robes were ordered to be kept under lock and key in the possession of the Exalted Cyclops and Kligrapp. Robes were only to be worn during legitimate Klan ceremonies, rallies, and parades from that moment on. Violence was not the order of the day. It was a side effect and the Klan's leadership did not condone violence. Quite the opposite. They tried to stop it and keep things under control. The following is taken directly from the manual in question: 

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   The main problem for the Klan was that it grew too big, too fast. Finally, in a further effort to stop unruly members from committing acts of lawlessness, Imperial Wizard Hiram Evans ordered the entire organization to cut their masks off. All members were forbidden to wear masks and after that, Klan robes were manufactured without masks. When Imperial Wizard Colescott took over Klan leadership, he went so far as to personally pull the charter off their wall and banish an entire Klavern after he had discovered that that Klavern had engaged in some violent activity.

    Contrary to modern day myth, the KKK was not founded to be, nor intended to be, lawless or violent. The leaders of both the original KKK and revival KKK tried to stop the violence. However, both Klans existed during violent times in America. During the 1920's, gangsters were machine gunning each other down in the public streets and vigilante justice was still the norm in many parts of the country. Controlling hot heads is always a problem for the police and society. So, the Klan, also, had a problem controlling renegade members; a problem that exists to this day for many Klans. The mass media, as usual, loves to blow things way out of proportion, thus having a tremendous impact on public thinking.

    Was there violence committed by actual members of the KKK? Yes, there was, but it violence was not a part of the Klan's creed. The leadership tried to control things when they got out of hand. The leadership did not succeed. Finally, by the 1950's and, especially, the 1960's, organizations using the name "Ku Klux Klan" were formed up solely for the purpose of violence and criminal activity. But, what seems to slip the public's attention is that ALL of these renegade illegal factions have ALL been brought to justice and destroyed by the legal system. Recently, two new illegal Klans have been brought to justice for violent activities. The law destroys criminal "klans". They don't last long. But, the true Klan (the legal law abiding sanctioned Klan organizations trying to be of benefit) get stuck taking the rap thanks to mass media hype.