Note: There is another web page on the internet that looks almost exactly like this one. It gives a Kingman, IN. mailing address. That page is old and obsolete. Do not place an order through that web page. Your letter will be sent back to you and your e-mail will not get through. The password has been lost so we can't delete the page from the internet.

Notice everyone! June 13, 2014. We are not accepting orders for robes until further notice. If you want a robe write to D.C. PO Box 446 Oakwood, GA. 30566. He has a lot or ready made robes in stock. Be sure to tell him we sent you. Do not send us anything via I-phones. They are not compatable with our equipment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


Ku Klux Klan Robes

The ultimate novelty item for the politically incorrect looking for a bizarre conversation piece, unusual Halloween costume, or collector's item.

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    These robes are accurate reproductions. They are a quality made, machine washable, 50/50 cotton / polyester costume. The robes come complete with cape, belt, patch, hood, mask, and hood liner.

    The hood liners are adjustable so, unless you have an unusual size head, one size fits all. The mask can be folded up inside the hood for open face wearing. The belt takes in the waist and the sleeves come with adjustable cuffs.

    The robes are available in sizes: Medium, Large, Extra Large, and Double Extra Large.  To determine your size send us your height in feet and inches and your weight in pounds and we'll send the right size robe for you.  At present robes are available in the color White: regular Klansman and Black: Nighthawk. Red robes (Titan) are no longer abvailable until further notice. THAT, ALSO, MEANS RED HOODS AND RED BELTS ARE NOT AVAILABLE.  Yes, for the sake of some, I have to be that simplistic. The robes are compensated for so they fit over outer clothing. No children's size robes are available and medium is the smallest adult size. However, individual alterations can be made by the buyers themselves.

    Notice! The Women's Klan robe patch is now available. If you are a woman this is the patch that should be on your robe: wpe21752.gif (35267 bytes) So, when ordering a robe be sure to specify that you want the woman's robe patch sewn on instead of the men's blood drop cross patch. The price is not affected. (Note: The women's robe patches we were using up to now were not authentic. These are exact duplicates of the Women's Klan robe patches.

    In the United States and Canada the price of each robe is $95.00 United States Currency (only). Indiana state residents add 7% state sales tax. There is no extra charge for postage and shipping. Add one dollar extra and request a delivery confirmation. This give us a means of tracking your package.  If the buyer wants the robe send certified or insured the buyer will have to pay the extra cost. (Approx $10.00, USA only.) The post office does not provide these services for Canada. There are no discounts for bulk orders. No COD's. We do not accept pay pal, personal checks, or credit cards. No orders taken by phone. This is strictly mail order.

    Do not send cash! In the USA pay with a postal money order or bank money order.  Canada:   pay with an international check or money order payable in United States Currency. Make money order payable to and mail to: Empire Enterprises P.O. Box 66 Clayton, IN. 46118 USA.

    Allow three to six weeks for delivery. However, we make every effort to get you your robe within three weeks or less. If you need your robe by a certain date (like Halloween or Christmas) be sure to order your robe well enough in advance. We do get back logged with orders from time to time. But, we will do our best to get you your robe right up to the last minute if possible.

    Note to foreign customers: we no longer take overseas orders.

    If you lose your hood, liner, or mask you can buy another without buying a whole new robe. Sold separately: Hood, mask, and adjustable liner only: $15.00 in USA. Canada.: $20.00. Price includes shipping. Belt only: $5.00 in USA. Canada$6.00.

    Note to all: These robes are sold only as novelty items, Halloween costumes, and collectible conversation pieces. The buyers are solely responsible for how they display or use these robes.

    E-mail us if you have any questions: