The True Flag of the Ku Klux Klan

    The dumbest argument Americans have had amongst themselves lately has been all the controversy over the Confederate flag and the alleged claim that it is a racist flag and the flag of the KKK. So let's set the record straight. The Confederate flag never had anything to do with the Klan. First, the KKK was not founded in the Confederate States of America, which disappeared in April 1865. The Klan was founded on Dec. 24, 1865, in the United States of America. Granted, in a southern state, but the Confederacy was dead before hand.

    Also, not one slave was ever brought into this country under the Confederate flag. After we won our independence, all slaves brought into this country came here under the Stars and Stripes.

    So what was the Klan's real flag? It is called the Grand Ensign. In the Klan's original Prescripts of 1867 the official banner of the KKK was described in detail. It was to be three feet by five feet and triangular in shape. It was to be yellow material with a red scalloped border about three inches in width. Hand painted on it in black was to be a European flying dragon (dracovolans) and the Latin motto: Quod Semper, Quod Ubique, Quod Ab Omnibus. (What always, what everywhere, what by all is held to be true.) As two original Klan flags survived to this day we know what they looked like. Below one is a black and white photo copy of the original Grand Ensign of the Pulaski, TN. Klan. It is now owned by the Tennessee Historical Society at Nashville. The color picture is of the Cabarrus County, N.C. Klan and is owned by the Confederate Museum in Richmond, Va.

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        And that's it! So, why don't the Klans of today use it? Most Klan's today are fly by night groups that don't know a thing about the Klan. They are ignorant of their own history and traditions. Other more authentic Klans are small and poorly funded. This is not an easy flag to make. It would cost a lot of money to pay a craftsman to produce them in numbers. (However, as I made them in the past, I may start making them again sometime in the future.)

    Now there is a modern flag used by the Ku Klux Klan. It was designed by the modern Klans in the 1960's, which they had every right to do. Since it was their own design it, too, can be considered a true modern Klan flag. It is called the MIOAK (Mystic Insignia Of A Klansman. Also, the Material Identification Of A Klansman.) See photo above:

    Now there remains one more TRUE flag of the Ku Klux Klan. We've covered the flag of the first Klan and the flag of the modern Klans, but what about the flag of the largest Klan? The great revival Klan of 1915-1944, which had the largest Klan membership, power, and influence ever, what was their True Klan flag? Imperial Wizard Simmons made it plain. He openly declared that there was but one official flag of the Ku Klux Klan and that was the Stars and Stripes. He made it Klan law that NO flag at any Klan function was to fly above it and NO flag was to fly equal to it. All flags would fly beneath the flag of the United States! And if you look at old photos of the revival Klan for the most part the ONLY flag you ever see IS the Stars and Stripes. So there. The photo below is a little hard to read but it declares the Klan's flag is the Stars and Stripes - Forever! That should settle the issue for the most rabid redneck and brain dead liberal alike! Below right: On the steps of the Capital Building, Washington, DC, 1925.

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    When did this Confederate flag get mixed up with the KKK? It came about during the Civil Rights movement of the 1960's. The Klans in those days were not flying the Confederate flag as THEIR flag. They were flying it as an act of defiance to the federal violations of State's Rights. (The Rights of the sovereign states is all but lost now having been replaced with federal New World Order dictatorship.) One must remember that the Confederate States split from the Union of States over the issue of State's Rights (with slavery and westward expansion as side issues). After the government crackdown on illegal Klans in the 1960's, Klan membership all but disappeared. Very few Klans existed outside the South for awhile. The southern Klans continued to fly the Confederate flag because they were still defiant to the federal government and because nearly all southern states had the Confederate flag as their state flag in some way. For example, Alabama's state flag WAS the Confederate flag. Other states had it in miniature on their state flags in some way or other. It was no big racist deal any more then when the northern Klans flew the flag of, say, New York or New Jersey. Since those flags, as well as others, have been flown at Klan functions should the state flags of N.Y., N.J., and other states now be considered racist? Today's Klans often fly the Christian flag. Should that flag now be considered racist? And if you study the multi-racial make up of the Confederate army and the equal pay and treatment of all Confederate soldiers regardless of race, the Confederate flag is the last flag anyone would consider racist. (Again I refer you to my article about the Confederate flag in the Articles and Essays section.)

The Proper Salute of the Ku Klux Klan

   The Klan salute is not the nazi salute! To begin with, the Klan salute pre-dates the nazi salute. The Klan salute dates back to 1915 and possibly back to the original Klan. The Klan copied it from the ancient Roman salute. Note the photo below:

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    The Klan salute is given with the left hand NOT the right hand. The palm is turned up slightly and the fingers are spread slightly apart. When giving the salute a Klansman may say, "KIGY", or, "Klansman I Greet You." A true Klansman knows his right from his left and does not give the right handed straight armed nazi salute. I know the mass media deliberately tries to portray the Klan as giving the nazi salute in anti-Klan movies and programs. But equally to blame for misleading the general public are the wannabe Klansmen who don't know anything about the organization they claim to follow. But the greatest offenders are the neo-nazi front groups. These illegal 'klans" deliberately give the nazi salute to make the KKK look like a nazi oriented organization. They do this to try to sucker into nazi ideology people who are actually seeking 100% Americanism. The greatest damage done to the KKK since the 1970's has been the perverting influence of rabid neo-nazi infiltrators and their convoluted logic. All true Klansmen stand opposed to the unAmerican foreign doctrines of nazism. But, to the general public, that is not readily visible. So beware of nazis in Klan clothing.